SUNDAY , JUNE 16 , 2019
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Stefan Bauschard


Types of speeches

Introduction In every speech you want to be able to speak and to be understood. These are the basic elements of communication. Although these basic communication activities are identical for every speech, different speeches serve different purposes. Although every speech is unique in its own way, public speeches are ordinarily place in one of four categories: Informative Demonstrative Persuasive Special Occasions Informative Speeches Informative speeches are simply speeches that are


4 classroom-tested public speaking techniques

USA Today Speech 101 doesn’t have to be the palm-sweating, horrifying graduation requirement that most students make it out to be. I, too, fell victim to the fear of public speaking, putting off enrollment in the course every semester until it stood as the only thing separating me from my degree. But once I finally finished it, I found that public speaking isn’t nearly as nerve-racking or nightmare-inducing as it’s


Tips for Giving a Great (Public) Speech

Over the last few weeks we have been consolidating some general “dos” and “don’ts” when engaging in public speaking. These suggestions apply to all speeches. This post covers the “dos.” We will expand this list as I come across new ideas and we will also be further developing these content areas. 1- Thank the host and the audience. I was once asked to give concluding speech at an event at