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Tips for Giving a Great (Public) Speech

Tips for Giving a Great (Public) Speech

Over the last few weeks we have been consolidating some general “dos” and “don’ts” when engaging in public speaking. These suggestions apply to all speeches.

This post covers the “dos.” We will expand this list as I come across new ideas and we will also be further developing these content areas.

1- Thank the host and the audience. I was once asked to give concluding speech at an event at the last minute and while I thanked the audience for attending the event and participating in the closing ceremonies, I forgot to thank the host. The host was upset and we were not permitted to use the venue in the future. Even if the host played only a small role in the event, it is important to give them thanks and praise. It is also important to thank the audience for listening to the speech. Although the audience is usually the one that benefits from the speech, like the host, they also expect to be thanked.

2- Prepare. My failure to thank the host was due to a lack of preparation. Although I did not have time to prepare in that specific instance, in most instances public speakers have plenty of advanced notice to prepare their speech. Advanced preparation will not only prevent mistakes, but it will also make it more likely that your speech will be delivered smoothly, that it will be well organized, that it will be relevant to your audience, and that you will be proud of it after you f

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